Services Summary

Thank you for your interest in Shop Sub Rosa.  Our system specializes in two areas but can easily be adapted to almost any need that you have.

For individuals, small business, and online stores here are a few of the services we offer:

  • Screen printed one-off shirts in almost any style and color you want to carry including black.    
  • We integrate our system with your branded online store rather than promoting ourselves and having your product as just another item in our marketplace of millions of them.
  • We offer "covert" stores -- online wholesale pages that are not available to the public -- where you can go and buy your designs a few at a time or in bulk.  

After your first order in our System, you never have to pay screen or set up charges again. This is great for everyone from a restaurant owner who needs only a couple logo uniform Tshirts for a new waitress, to bands who want to buy 30 shirts for a gig they've suddenly booked without having to pay for hundreds of Tshirts from a printer with minimums who will recharge them everytime they need a batch of shirts for their fans.

The other area in which we specialize is online marketing and promotion.  We offer a proven turnkey system for Media, Music, and Film Companies to outsource their online promotion and sales to us.  

The Shop Sub Rosa System includes:

  • Full online integration
  • Order Management
  • e-Commerce enable web site design
  • Movie, Music, Product or Artist promotion
  • Manufacturing of screen printed Tshirts and many other ancillary promotional items
  • Packaging, flyer stuffing, and drop shipping directly to your customers, venue, theaters or office.

Whatever your needs, we'd be happy to assist you.  We offer everything from a simple, easy to use system that you can handle yourself to sell your own designs, to full-blown and very elaborate promotions for your 100 million dollar film or tour.  

Get in touch with us today by using this CONTACT FORM.  We look forward to working with you!

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