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Root Order & Shipping Information
Article Ref ZLV-103
Created August 29, 2007
We are NOT SHIPPING outside the US mainland but you can still get our products. Here's how!
You live in Canada, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii or anywhere else Fed Ex Ground can't drive our shirts to so you can't order from us -- but you want our products. Now ... there are two alternatives!

We're sorry but we've had to stop shipping outside the USA at this time.  But there are two alternative ways you can buy our products.

1.  You can order any of our Tshirts from our Authorized Reseller Slyrox Music. Contact Brett Sylvester at Slyrox Music's Contact Page.

You can order most of our Tshirts from his online store and if it isn't up there, he can special order it ... it just takes longer for delivery. He ships US Post Office.

2.     Products from the suppliers we use for items other than the Tshirts we actually make only ship within the USA.  Sorry!  We can't change how their companies operate.  I'd like to but ... LOL.

If you are really desperate for something other than a Tshirt, and you have plenty of time and money for shipping fees, shoot us a ticket. 

We'll see if we can work something out where they ship to us and we reship to you -- we do want our customers to be happy -- but please be aware that the shipping fees will be much higher for shipping your order to us and then to you.  We won't pad the fees or add a handling fee (unless you've ordered a table or a huge stained glass window or something where we have to seriously repack it) but again, we can't control what the shippers charge.  :-)

Thanks for understanding,  Skully 

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