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Article Ref RUX-927
Created September 13, 2007
Why do we have a HelpDesk?
You used to be able to reach us from each web site and now you can't.

Hi. The reason for the HelpDesk is simple. SPAM. It was finally taking us so much time to find our customers' emails amongst all the sales pitches for penis enlargement and drugs that we couldn't do it anymore.

So we got this fabulous HelpDesk from and pointed all the store's contact links to here.

You DO NOT have to register to ask us a question.

We're sorry about the letters and numbers you have to type into the form to send it to us, but that stops automated spambots.

We find this HelpDesk to work best of all the ones we've tried and if you have an online store we highly recommend the Green Desktiny company. The program is great and the customer service / tech support is first rate. And using the HelpDesk has cut our spam by 97%!!! Hurray, more time to create Tshirt designs and find great products from other great companies to offer to you!

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