Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't heard of you.  Is Shop Sub Rosa a start up?

No, we've been in business since 1980 as a division of another company working behind the scenes in product placement, promotion, ancillary manufacture, and sales for Motion Pictures and Television. Shop Sub Rosa.com, Inc. is a privately owned, profitable corporation based in Reno, Nevada, USA.

What does Shop Sub Rosa mean?
A loose translation means "to sell in secrecy."  The dictionary says, "In secret; privately or confidentially: under the rose, from the ancient practice of hanging a rose above the table at meetings as a symbol of the sworn confidence of the participants."  We think Shop Sub Rosa is the perfect name for a service that wants to remain in the background doing the grunt manufacturing and shipping while you, the artist, band, writer, or business person is the one in the spotlight.  We brand your store -- we don't stick our own name all over everything!

Are you going to crash all the time like some other online Tshirt providers?
We don't think so!  Unlike others we're on stable Linux platforms.

Does Shop Sub Rosa sell its software so I can start my own company?
No.  We originally wrote all the code -- over two billion lines of it -- for our own in-house stores.  Then it bacame obvious that others needed a way to get black shirts easily and many really wanted the far better quality of screen printed items to offer their customers.  Thus the decision was made to take others into our own System.

What's a "Verified Merchant?"
A Shop Sub Rosa Verified Merchant is an individual or company who is a part of our System.  This means that we power their store(s) by handling all the back end jobs needed to sell product. We stand behind the quality of the items offered by our Verified Merchants.  We screen our merchants with an eye to their talent as artists, writers, designers, product creators, and sales people.  We are looking for professional designers or talented individuals who need our services to support them in their businesses.  And our Art Department is available to companies and people who want to easily design, manufacture, and purchase products needed for their primary business.  We believe in quality over quanity.  Because we're a 25-year-old company we have a reputation to uphold and we want everyone who sees the Shop Sub Rosa Verified Merchant Seal to know that they can trust the store they are buying from, the System behind that store, and the top notch quality of the merchandise they buy from that store.

How does Shop Sub Rosa work?
In two ways:

1.    If you just need product -- for example you own a restaurant and want uniform Tshirts with your logo but it's a hassle when a waitress leaves and there you are with all the wrong sizes -- set your logo up with us or get us to design it for you.  Once you're in our System you can just go into your "covert" store and order two shirts at a time when the staff bails on you.  There are no screen or set up fees past your first order with us.  This works great for brick and mortor stores who want to buy wholesale from us also.  Set up a covert store and then anytime you need product you can either order in bulk and we ship to you, or you can order what the customer wants and we can drop ship directly to your customer with your branded receipt.

2.    If you have an online store, or a web site that needs one -- we set up or help your tech set up a branded store that matches your web site or we integrate our System into your current web site. Then when someone orders from your store, we charge your customer and either produce the item or take it from its shelf in our warehouse, package and drop ship the product, and handle all Customer Service and returns, if any. You receive a monthly check for your profits which is the full amount you charge for the product over our base price.

What are base prices?
A base price is the least you can charge for each of your products.  Base prices for every item differ depending on the number of colors in your design and the shirt style you choose to offer it on.  We keep the base price to cover our production and distribution costs and any amount you charge over the base price you put in your pocket!  

Do you use those horrible iron on transfers that fall apart after the third washing on your Tshirts?
No.  We screen print everything.  None of those sub-standard transfers for us.  We didn't want them for our own customers ... we don't want you to have to sell them to yours.  Is our way a bit more expensive, sure, but not that much -- and we wanted black shirts and colors ... don't you?  Don't your customers?

How much can I charge for the products in my store?
Anything you want above the base price for that product.

How much does it cost to buy from my store?
The base price.

Do you offer wholesale?
Absolutely.  Whether you choose a store that is open to the public or you want a "covert" store which only you can see to order your designs for your brick and mortor store, your band's next gig, your high school club, your restaurant uniforms ... whatever your need, we're here to make your life easier by offering a fast, simple way to get what you need, now.  

I don't live in the U.S. Can I still set up a store?
We can handle most international Merchants.  But we only pay in U.S. Dollars so expect that your payments will either be by check drawn on a U.S. bank or PayPal if they are available in your country.

How do I become a Verified Merchant?
Please fill out our short application form. We need your email address and password, your tax ID number, mailing address for your payments, your business name if you have one, and some other information about yourself.  Read our Verified Merchant Agreement and then check the box stating that you have read and agreed to the terms in the VMA. Choose the services you're interested in -- opening an online store, adding our store system to your existing site, getting a covert site, or buying wholesale -- or you can make those choices and others later from your "My Account" page.  Click "Sign Me Up!"

Why do you need my personal information when I sign up?
For two reasons:  to pay you your commissions and for the tax authorities.  We don't sell, rent, or giveaway your personal information.  Please read our TERMS OF USE and Privacy Policy for more details.

Will you print any design I want?
No, we won't.  Shop Sub Rosa.com will not print, create art, manufacture, or ship items that it believes, in its sole discretion:  (i) infringes on any intellectual property or other right of any entity or person, including, without limitation, Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents, Trade secrets, right of privacy, right of publicity, or any other legal right of any third party; (ii) is libelous, defamatory, slanderous, or offensive; (iii) is obscene or pornographic; (iv) is designed to or does harass, threaten, abuse others, or promotes violence; (v) contains Satanic symbols including upside-down Pentagrams or Skinhead symbols and hate messages; or (vi) violates any applicable law, rule, or regulation, including, without limitation, by exploiting images or the likeness of minors.

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