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Thank you for your interest in Sub Rosa’s Entertainment and Music Marketing Division. We are a turnkey ancillary sales machine looking forward to working with you. We offer customizable solutions to fit all your needs whether you want a fully e-Commerce enable web site for a small band, a 40 city tour package for your rock star, promotion for your indie film or a huge marketing push for your blockbuster movie.

As you know, ancillary income is revenue you can count on. We have over 25 years of experience in the Entertainment business. Over the course of that time we developed for ourselves a proven system which includes full online integration, order management, web site design, product promotion techniques specializing in fan created word-of-mouth, manufacturing for many prominent items such as Tshirts, stickers, and posters which we warehouse until they are drop shipped to your customers.

Consumers only buy what your advertisers and marketing partners have gone to so much trouble to get into the film or to set up as tour promotion when they can search for an item online and find it easily. Turn your product placement efforts into sales and tangible income for your company by using the specialists at Sub Rosa marketing. Let us easily leverage your ancillary revenue stream. We do all the work leaving you free to create your next project!

Here’s just a few of the services we offer that can be fully customized for you:

1. We will design, build and host a fully e-Commerce enabled Film, Album or Artist specific web site designed to fit the feel of the Film, Album or Artist and to target its online market directly.

For a Film: we will hotlink to actors, the director, the producer(s) and the distributors' sites, provide blogs for news related events and participating performers, stream trailers and other promotional bits of the film and the film's soundtrack, and provide an electronic press kit area for download. This is most advantageous to start at least 18 months to 2 years prior to the targeted release date. Full online BUZZ takes time to establish and lots of it can be generated from pre-production forward by taking the online audience along with us on the ride that is "making a movie."

For an Album: we will hotlink to the band/Artist and the record company’s sites, provide blogs for news related events and participating performers, stream songs, concert footage, interviews, and other promotional bits, and provide an electronic press kit area for download. This is best to start at least 6 months prior to the targeted release date for an Album specific site although we believe that it’s far better to promote the Artist at all times. The buying public is fickle and your band should never be out of the public eye for long.

2. The site will be fully e-Commerce enabled (powered by Shop Sub Rosa) and we will package, and drop ship directly to your customers all items relating to the Film, Album or Artist whether manufactured by us or stored in our warehouse in Lincoln, IL; from Tshirts, posters, stickers, and CDs of the Album or Film soundtrack, to DVDs of the tour or DVDs of the Film after the fact – and any other items the specific project requires. Price included in #1 above if manufactured by us. Warehouse fees apply if not. Profits to be sent to the company you specify on a 60 day schedule to allow for returns.

3. We will promote the Film, Album or Artist online by banners, skyscrapers, news releases, seeding and all other forms of online promotion for a monthly fee plus the cost of the ads and the art work for them from the time the site goes live online until such time as you wish to turn it off. If you desire after the main push for the Film, Album or Artist to continue the site only as an e-Commerce site to continue to sell the products, the price drops to a percentage of the sales plus the web site hosting and maintenance fees. This can be extremely desirable if a Film sequel is contemplated or if you wish to maintain the Artists’ presence on the web and to encourage fans to buy more ancillary products like Tshirts – which are walking billboards for your product.

4. We can run contests online that giveaway tickets or other related items. For a simple contest, the price is included in #1 above. If what is desired becomes more complex, pricing will adjust accordingly.

5. We can handle the creation of an electronic press kit for your Film, Album or Artist.

6. We are a division of a 25-year-old Motion Picture and Television Production company and we have an in-house music video department full of exceptionally talented people who can make your band or Artist’s videos rock whether stage performance or heavily FX created.

7. We can provide and produce the cell phone programming and text messaging IM's for the Film, Album or Artist’s promotion.

8. We can provide broadcast on wireless devices.

9. We can handle radio and/or satellite radio promotions.

10. We will design and manufacturer the Tshirts and other licensed consumer items you wish to sell promoting the Film, Album or Artist both at the online store we create and in all other venues. We sell these to your production entity, to its parent company and/or to the distribution company at our wholesale prices; that way you can mark them up as high as you want to fit the POS location. If desired we can sell the items to store chains.
        a. For most items, including Tshirts, the prices per unit will depend on many factors; the number of colors in the design, the shirt or other item style and size and the quantity ordered.
        b. You will pay shipping to the POS and storage there if needed. Once it leaves our warehouse, it's yours.

These and other services can be fully customized to fit your needs. We hope this brief breakdown has given you a good idea of the services that Sub Rosa Marketing can offer. Please contact us using this CONTACT FORM. We look forward to working with you.

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