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Sorry. We used to have a contact us form here but we've been spammed to death. If you are a company or individual with a store -- online, or brick and mortor, or a kiosk -- we'd love to hear from you but because of spambots flaming us with Viagra and penis enlargement emails, we have no choice but to make your first contact with us either through our Tshirt HelpDesk, by snail mail, or by phone if you wish to call us at 877.720.2100.

I hate having to do it this way, but we can't read 10,000 spam emails a day to hunt for the real people trying to contact us ... that would put us out of business. Not a good plan. :-) So please drop us a note, call or use our Tshirt Help Desk. Thanks!

Shop Sub, Inc.
5190 Neil Road
Suite 430
Reno, Nevada  89502
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